Shetlandfarm Van de Hutte
Pira Gilbert - Hutstraat 8 - 1910 Kampenhout (België)
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Welcome to the world of the Shetland ponies!

People have been breeding ponies for ages in Belgium, but only in 1960 a stud-book for Shetland ponies was founded. From now on, the shetland ponies in Belgium have a regimental number.
The Shetland pony is a loyal, enjoying and affectionate animal. Once the pony has adapted his environment, he will be a true children's friend.
As the smallest and bravest pony, we can say that the Shetland pony is one of the pony breed that is very quickly satisfied concerning his food.
Concerning the winter shelter, this pony is very easy for keeping. Due to his thick winter-coat, he is proof against the very bad winter-weather.

Although a shelter on the pasture is enough, the pony will not complain when he gets his own stable.
Once you have a Shetland pony, you will notice very soon that he will win your heart. Who takes care of his pony, gets a lot of friendship and has a lot of joy of the pony. Moreover, he is a very loyal animal.
We wish you good luck with the world of ponies!
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Shetlandfarm Van de Hutte
Hutstraat 8
1910 Kampenhout (Belgium)

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